Filescreen in a mixed Server environment (Windows Server 2008R2 – Windows Server 2019)

My problem is that i have a mixed environment.I cannot work with Powershell on windows 2008r2 because the module is not supported. I had to use the deprecated “filescrn.exe”. The biggest Problem of this tool is that you cannot import a massive file extension list in order to create a filegroup. With powershell it is easily done. Since recently i  was working with the .xml file that CAN be imported through filescrn.exe . But i ended up very often with a corrupted file that couldn’t be imported.Then i thought to try and use the files from a windows 2012 Server. It seems that the files are working on 2008 , too !

So in a nutshell: i am working with Powershell on 2012+ Servers, I then export all and use the file on 2008 Servers. This makes automation much easier.

Add OU users to a group (and skip when the user is already member)

I wanted to add all the users from an OU direct in a group but the problem was that the group had already members.I needed to control wether the user was already member of the group.That is my implementation.


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